How much life is in your old camera?

While modern digital cameras are an amazing collection of electronics, a major component, the shutter, is mechanical and, as such, has a mean time between failures (MTBF). Camera manufacturers publish the MTBF for each of their camera models.

My Nikon D750 is 4 years old and heavily used doing real estate photography, so I was curious as to what the shutter count is and how close to the 150,000 MTBF Nikon specifies for the D750. As it turns out, the shutter count is included in the meta data stored in JPEG files. To easily determine the count, you simply upload an unedited JPEG file to,

I discovered the my 4 year old camera is not old, but merely middle age. 🙂

Tips for Picking a Real Estate Agent

You may know Josh Flagg from the hit Bravo TV show Million Dollar Listings – LA. He has more than 2 billion in sales. From his blog, he shares what to look for in a real estate agent,

. Hire someone with opinions.
. Find agents who speak up.
. Look for agents who keep their client’s best interest at heart.
. Agents should be guides.
. Consider their opinions and then make the call.

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